Saturday, October 24, 2009

Drawing and painting make it possible for me to share a small part of the beauty and wonder I experience every day, living in the 'Driftless Area' of southwest Wisconsin. Many people can't be where the crane is wading or the pasque flowers are blooming; by creating an image of the experiences I have had, these daily miracles can be shared with everyone who could not be there in the field or wood with me.

I draw to share and foster the connection every human being has with the natural world we are part of. I draw to say thank you for the privilege of being present as the miracles of life unfold.

From my first discovery of colored chalk and crayons, I have been drawing. After a brief career as a childhood artist exhibiting at county fairs and school events, other interests distracted me for many years. But once in a while a friend's request for a wedding invitation or a graphic design an employer needed captured my interest and a few sketches were made.

I have no formal art training but have recently begun seeking out artists whose teaching interests me. The pure colors of pastels and the possibilities of clear, precise detail with pencil and pen and ink intrigue me. A simple line in ink or pencil can tell a whole story; so I continue to explore what these very basic tools can do when put to paper with the magic of imagination.

I invite you to enjoy the process with me!

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