Friday, November 25, 2016

Simple Gifts for Holiday Sharing

     The first 'Simple Gift' to share with anyone is kindness. The second 'Simple Gift' is generosity.
If you also want to offer a gift to unwrap and enjoy over time, consider an adult coloring book.
Original drawings of real horses for you to color
    This beautiful coloring book has twelve hand drawn pages of real horses, in scenes from the grassy fields, snow filled forests and windy prairies where they live. These horses live free, in open country; each page of A Day With The Horses takes you into their world, as they graze under the stars, play together, take a morning nap, and more. All the horses' names, and information about them is included.
Joe and Dusty on a Snowy Day
      Adult coloring books are a great gift choice, for any age! Coloring is relaxing, meditative, fun and an easy activity to share. Give everyone their own coloring book, and share the colors. You can even take the pictures out of the book, and give everyone a picture to color. Then, put them on display for a mini art exhibit of your own. It's fun to share each person's unique colored picture.
   Coloring encourages relaxation; it can be used to enhance relaxed breathing, and mental calmness, which always feels good!
   A Day With The Horses is easy to mail to your friends and family far away, take as gifts when traveling for the holidays, or offer at gift sharing events, holiday parties and given as a special 'stocking stuffer'. Remember your friend or family member who is living in a nursing home too; a coloring book may be just the gift to bring them pleasure for many days.
   May your holidays be safe, and filled with kindness, sharing and the company of good hearted people.

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