Monday, October 31, 2016

Sunset on the Elbow River
A big thank you to VIVA gallery for sponsoring my exhibit 'Deep Snow High Mountains' during the month of October. And a big thank you to everyone who purchased a painting. The response to these paintings was heartwarming.
     Now the paintings are on display at the Driftless Cafe through the holiday season. On a chilly day, stop into the cafe, have something wonderful to eat, and enjoy the paintings. Lately I've been enjoying my favorite pizza, affectionately called the "Figgy Piggy".  Mouthwatering bacon, figs, blue cheese and garlic aioli-an unbelievably good combination. But really, you can close your eyes and point to something on the menu and it will be excellent!
     There are more 'mountain paintings' in progress so if you've seen the exhibit at VIVA, stop in at the Driftless Cafe sometime before Christmas to see what might be new on the walls.

     Since Deep Snow High Mountains went on display at VIVA gallery in October, I've been working on catching up with garden cleanup, hauling hay, and generally getting ready for winter. The warm weather has allowed time for the fall outdoor work that didn't get done while paintings were being finished in September. Besides, when it is 60 degrees, with a warm breeze, and the oak leaves are russet and golden in the sunlight, staying indoors just doesn't make any sense. The wind whistles through the eaves blowing leaves up toward the clouds on a sudden gust, warning of changes soon to come; so I know there will be plenty of time later to stay inside and paint. 
     See you at the Driftless Cafe!

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