Monday, January 16, 2017

Thank You Driftless Cafe

'Deep Snow High Mountains' paintings had a great showing at the Driftless Cafe in November and December. There were a number of positive comments about the show and also several sales.
I'd like to give a warm thank you to Luke and Ruthie, who have made a beautiful place to display paintings, and their support and enthusiasm was great.  

Sunset on Highway 1 - oil on canvas 11"x14" SOLD

Parkers Ridge - oil on canvas 11"x14" SOLD
After a long break from painting, I'm now finishing several more 'mountain' paintings that didn't get finished in time for display this fall and early winter. Once those paintings are finished, ideas for other subject material are ready to be explored, which really means lots of problems to solve and hard work to do. But it is fun, and learning something is one of the best feelings there is. Each painting has a life of its own, and is a unique experience to create. When one is later sold and goes to live on someone's wall, it's an added bonus to share my experience of that mountain place with other people, through the painting.

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