Sunday, October 4, 2015

Kickapoo Colors adult coloring book is here!

   Fresh from the printer two weeks ago and already the first printing is winging its way across the Pacific to Australia, and to several states. It was great fun to draw the pictures for this book. They were inspired by drawings I had already done for the Kickapoo Valley Reserve
or derived from sketches and paintings done at earlier times.
   Pen and ink line drawings are one of my favorite ways to relax and let my eyes see simple shapes. Mixing colors for painting is challenging for me but the simplicity of one color of ink brings out design ideas and patterns that do not happen with paint. So one drawing leads to another.
   Over a short period of time several friends mentioned how popular adult coloring books were lately. I had never heard of them! But of course; why wouldn't coloring be fun for adults? We like to knit, put puzzles together, doodle and more. Coloring books are an old idea made new. Suddenly a few drawings piled up on my art table, some unfinished, swooshed together in my mind and there it was: a coloring book of what was, until then, a random collection of individual pictures, each done for a different reason.
   I went to work, rearranging elements of some of the pictures, unifying them with border designs influenced by two of my favorite inspirations-Frank Lloyd Wright and Art Deco, and tweaking images to work as line drawings with enough detail to be interesting to color.
   There is a miniature, "Pocket Edition" for taking along wherever you go and the full size 8.5 x 11" book for leisurely coloring at home. Each has twelve pictures inspired by the Kickapoo Valley's winged, flowered and furred residents. Each illustration has a bit of information with it to share something interesting about the subjects. You can visit my Etsy shop for more information

   This was so much fun to create that I just kept drawing and so another book will be done soon.
Stay in touch for updates, and thanks for checking in!

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